The RSPCA Central, West and North East London Branch, which covers some of the most disadvantaged areas of London, rescues and rehomes hundreds of sick, injured and abused animals every year.


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Our Animal Welfare Officers go out into the community 365 days a year to help animals most at risk and in need. Our two shelters offer a safe place for our little patients to be given all the veterinary treatment, care and love they need to recuperate, and are always full to bursting. We specialise in finding a future for those animals who find it hardest to trust humans again.

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Leave a legacy to help London's animals

A legacy to the Central London Branch will provide crucial funds for animals in the area. We could not carry out our work without such generous support. You can do this by making a Will or by adding a Codicil (a document which specifies alterations to your Will).

If you are making a Will, please remember that the RSPCA Central, West and North East London Branch, and all the other RSPCA Branches, are separately registered charities. So, if you would like our work to benefit animals in your local area, we would respectfully suggest that your legacy reads:

I give the sum of £xxx (or specify a share of residue) to the RSPCA Central, West and North East London Branch, Registered Charity Number 248489, for its general purposes and I declare that the receipt of the Honorary Treasurer or other proper Officer of the said Branch for the time being shall be a full and sufficient discharge for the said legacy.

Please note that a Will or Codicil needs to be properly witnessed, and you should obtain legal advice.

Other ways to help the Branch


Help spread the world about free neutering

Pet owners assume that neutering their cat will be expensive – unaffordable, even – but as a result, there are thousands of unwanted, neglected and stray cats in London.

The C4 Scheme, established in 2002 as a joint initiative by major animal charities, offers free neutering for cats whose owners live within the M25 area and receive certain state benefits, are on a low income or are students. The scheme also covers stray cats being temporarily fed.

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Our shops

We have charity shops in Islington (N1), Finsbury Park (N4), Highgate (N6), Crouch End (N8), Stoke Newington (N16), Tottenham (N17), Ealing (W5), Northfields (W13) and Enfield (EN1).

If you have a large monitor, you can see what is on the in-store screens at each of our shops. Click here.

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