Advice: Healthy stray animals/wildlife

For stray small or exotic pets, feel free to contact us (details opposite) directly for specific advice.

For wildlife, especially birds, it is important not to move baby animals from where you find them unless you are certain the mother is no longer able to protect them (for instance, if you know she has been killed) or their location puts them in danger.

Young animals / fledglings

Many people think that they are helping by taking in young animals but the mother is often around, waiting for you to leave before helping her young. This particularly applies to fledglings.

The exception is baby pigeons who are kept by the mother on ledges or balconies far from the ground. If the baby pigeon falls from the ledge, the mother will not come for her chick.

If you find young animals / fledglings, please contact the RSPCA urgent advice line (0300 1234 999) for advice before you touch them or take action.

Contact us

For emergencies (eg. to report cruelty or sick/injured animals), call: 0300 1234 999

(Please be aware that our branch is unable to assist with reports of animal neglect and abuse, the number above is for the National Control Centre.)

To contact the branch office for other enquiries, you can:

Our postal address is:

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