Fostering process

If you have read the important information and FAQs on the Fostering an animal page, and would like to adopt one of our animals, the adoption procedure works as follows:

  1. Complete the online form (or leave a message on 020 7272 2264 and we’ll call you back ASAP)
  2. We will reply to arrange to visit you at your home to discuss your experience and facilities and ask you to sign one of our foster agreement forms. (If entering into a long-term fostering agreement, there may also be a supplemental letter to set out any specific terms with regards to the individual animal.)
  3. When we take in an animal suitable for your home we will ring you and tell you about them and roughly how long they will need to be with you.
  4. You then decide whether to go ahead with this animal or wait for another option.

Complete the online fostering / adoption form