Why cats need outdoors access

Most of our cats need outdoor access so that they can express their natural behaviour. Cats which do not have this access can become frustrated living indoors. The stress, boredom and frustration this causes can lead to destructive or aggressive behaviour and in turn health issues.

Nonetheless we occasionally have cats that need indoor homes for very specific reasons, such as:

  • FIV positive cats (a feline strain of human HIV) which cannot be around other cats as it can be spread. They can live happy normal lives without the need for any medication. They would be behaviourally assessed at our cattery to ensure they would cope indoors prior to rehoming.
  • Less agile cats, for example, with part of their tail missing or have lost a limb.
  • Partially sighted/deaf cats which may be at greater risk of injury on roads.
  • Cats which have only ever lived indoors previously (for 5 years +) and whom, after careful assessment, we have decided should not have outdoor access, as they may not be able to cope with roads.
  • Older cats that just want a quiet retirement home to relax in.

If you would be happy to adopt a cat that falls into these categories, we would be happy to add you to our list for indoor cats.