RSPCA Central, West & North East London

24-hour cruelty and advice line: 0300 1234 999

Advice: Injured, trapped or sick stray or wild animals

RSPCA Animal Collection Officers will collect sick, injured or trapped stray domestic and wild animals and birds, or those in danger. Call 0300 1234 999 (24-hour helpline charged at national call rates).

Please phone for advice before touching or moving fledglings, kittens or other young animals. Their mothers may be waiting for you to leave before coming for their young.

For fox problems, there is specialist help from the National Fox Welfare Society 01933 411 9966 or the Fox Project 01892 545 468.

Please remember that our national helpline receives thousands of urgent calls daily. Our Animal Collection Officers will get to injured strays as soon as they can.

However, the 24-hour helpline cannot arrange an ambulance for healthy strays. If you require assistance with a healthy stray animal/ wildlife, please click here for information.

If you need treatment for your own pet that is sick or injured, please click here for advice.