RSPCA Central, West & North East London

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A second chance for ferals

We work in partnership with Society for Neutering Islington’s Pussies (S.N.I.P) to trap, neuter and release/ re-site feral cats either back to the area that they came from, if they can be fed, or to new farm/ stable yard homes in the countryside all over the U.K.

S.N.I.P is a small charity run entirely by volunteers and exists to assist the free-living cats of Islington and surrounding areas, by neutering and returning ferals and homing kittens & tame strays; providing vet treatment to any free-living cat that needs it and giving education and advice, especially about the neutering of pet cats.

We assist by humanely trapping the feral cats and bringing them in, either to the Emergency fostering unit or a nearby vet, for vet checks, vaccination, flea and worm treatment and, of course, neutering.

Re-homing cats on farms

Where appropriate farm and stable homes are then sourced for each cat. When they are placed at their new home, they will be kept in holding pen for 10 days to allow them to acclimatise themselves to their new environment and find out that this is a place to stay as they will get fed.

After their new owners are pleased that the cats are settled, they will be released into acres of land to live out the rest of their days. This works extremely well for both cat and owner- the owner provides the cat with a stable loving home and caters for all of their welfare needs and the cat helps keep the rodent population down! It really is a fantastic fresh start for each cat, to usually go from down-on-their-luck feral cats in London to top mouser in a rural retreat.

Please contact us or S.N.I.P if you live on a farm and would like to re-home some of our ferals.