RSPCA Central, West & North East London

24-hour cruelty and advice line: 0300 1234 999

Emergency fostering unit

Our emergency fostering unit, located in Finsbury Park, is literally a life-saving facility for thousands of animals each year. We  have 32 cat pods, as well as temporary boarding facilities for rabbits, guinea pigs, rats and hamsters and other small animals.

For £50 you could have a permanent plaque on the unit's walls

We always welcome

  • donations of cat and small animal food – we have collection bins in each of our charity shops
  • clean towels and bedding to keep the animals cosy
  • newspaper for use in small animal accommodation
  • safe and suitable toys for animals

We do not have boarding facilities for dogs at the emergency fostering unit but do help our canine friends through our private boarding kennels in Kent so donations for the dogs in our care are also gratefully received.

Most importantly, we need good long term homes for the cats and kittens that are coming in to us every day.

We help the most needy animals – the ones with no one else to help them. Without us, many of them would end up being beaten, neglected or just thrown out on the streets, so any support you can provide we are extremely grateful for.

I want to help London’s animals

Sponsorship options

For a £50 donation you could have a permenant plaque on the unit's walls

For £50 you could have a permanent plaque on the unit's walls

Why not do something really great for our animals and choose one of our sponsorship options below.  In return, you’ll get a plaque or pen dedicated to you and a nice, warm, fluffy feeling inside!

  • £500 will sponsor a cat pod – each pod with a bed, cosy space and it’s own specially-designed ventilation system will help 50 cats a year. Each sponsored pod will get a sponsor’s plaque in the unit.
  • £100 will sponsor accommodation for a rabbit or other small animal.
  • £50 will buy a plaque on the wall of the unit with your own message. You can choose a message in memory of a pet, to mark a special occasion or to record your support for London’s animals.

…but any size donation you can give will help local animals.

Please help us to help London’s animals, which are most at risk and in need. Thank you.

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